Najar Needle Holder

An innovative laparoscopic suturing instrument that allows you, with a minimum of prior training, to set sutures fast and easy.


Laprotech is working closely with the Italian suture manufacturer Assut Europe. We have developed our own line of Sutures and Needles, as well as working as a distributor for Assut-Europe’s full line of sutures.

Najar-Assut C-Block Applier

Reusable single clip applier for the C-Block absorbable suture clip. This unique instrument saves time by eliminating the need to tie a knot at the end of the surgical suture procedure. This new type of suture-clip is applied next to the tissue.

C-Block Suture Clips

The C-Block is the essential part in our laparoscopic system that will simplify the surgical procedure by eliminating the time consuming process of tying sutures.

Eight Medical Hipec

Laprotech has an exclusive agreement with Eight Medical to provide their frontline technology in hyperthermic delivery to the Scandinavian market.

Radiology Protection

Laprotech is also a distributor for a full line of protective gear for Radiology.