Najar-Assut C-Block Applier

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The Najar-Assut C-Block Applier

Reusable single clip applier for the C-Block absorbable suture clip.

Laprotech has developed the Najar Instruments, an innovative laparoscopic suturing system that will allow trained professionals to master the technique, with minimum training. Due to the ingenious design of the instruments your surgical procedures will be fast and safe – anything from setting single sutures to positioning suture clips.

The Najar-Assut C-Block Applier is a general instrument for applying Suture Clips and well suited for a wide range of surgery e.g. gynecological, abdominal and urological laparoscopic procedures. The instrument is gentle, easy to handle and can be used by both right and left handed surgeons.


  • Compression closure mechanism of the clip provides a more secure and safe anchoring of the clip to the suture than comparable latch closure mechanisms.
  • The instrument delivers the Clip safely during surgery without any risk of dropping or loosing the clip inside the abdomen.
  • One-Step compression closure mechanism which makes the application easy and eliminate clip migration.
  • The instrument is autoclavable and easily assembled and disassembled by staff and reprocessing personnel.

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