C-Block Suture Clips

The C-Block is an essential part in a laparoscopic system that will simplify the surgical procedure by eliminating the time consuming process of tying the suture.  As an alternative to tying a knot can an absorbable plastic clip safely be attached to the suture next to the tissue in a fraction of the time normally spent on placing surgical knots in procedures.

  • The C-Block clip is designed as a two part absorbable plastic clip that, after being compressed onto the suture cannot be separated.
  • The C-Block is applied and compressed to the suture by using the Najar-Assut C-Block Applier, a specially designed tool for compressing the C-Block onto a suture.
  • The C-Block should be used only with synthetic braided surgical sutures, mid term absorption USP 4/0 or USP 3/0.

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